Sunday, April 16, 2006

Chapter 21: The second box, pt 2

“Disappointment and rejection are deeply intertwined for you. They need to be disconnected.” He explains. “It will require some correction.” There is no anger in His voice, but rather a tenderness that belies the difficulty of His corrections.

“What ever it takes, Papa, please, I am ready for whatever it takes.” I whisper swallowing hard against the anticipation.

He nods, thoughtfully. Quietly, he shows me a picture of a little girl, disappointed by the lack of attention from parents exhausted by a new baby. Already feeling threatened, rejected, this feeds her sense of being unwanted and alone.

“First you must forgive them.” He instructs.

I obey, releasing them from all that I have perceived.

“Look again, there is more.” He encourages me.

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