Monday, March 20, 2006

Chapter 15: The abyss, pt 1

For years I have felt that I have been fighting the pull of a great dark abyss. Each time I seem to get away from it I have been drawn back, caught by the cloak I have worn. But the cloak is gone now. Can this really mean I do not have to go back?

I rush back to His side, the question forming on my lips. He answers me before I can ask. “Yes, you are free from that place now. You have dwelt there and fought your away from it for far too long. It has been handed down as a family legacy, like the cloak, but without the cloak, it no longer has a hold on you. You are free from that abyss.”

My mind whirls at the thought. I had never though about this, not considered it possibility.

“Come, let Me show you that place in the light now. You will no longer need to fear it.” He rises and takes my arm.

“Where are we going?” I ask with trepidation.

“To the basement.”

What basement? I did not know there was one!

He leads me back to the foyer and down the hall with the dining room and kitchen. He approaches one of the closed doors opposite the great room, near the smaller dining room.

Now I understand! The two places are so close. Perhaps that is why I have often felt myself drawn there, to the abyss after preparing and serving a large meal. Quietly, He nods at me and pats my hand with tenderness. We stop at a very plain door, easily overlooked in the lovely woodwork that surrounds.

“Open it.” He firmly directs; it is a command, not a suggestion. With warmth, He adds, “I will be here with you.”

Cautiously, I push the door open. There is no light within the doorway; it is completely and totally dark with an encompassing darkness that goes beyond the absence of light. It seems to suck in the light, draw it in and consume it within. I can just make out the first step inside, nothing more.

Firmly He entwines my left arm in His. “Stay close lest you get lost.”

I clutch at His wrist, the power of His warning not lost on me. I have no desire to go here, much less become lost within. Too many times I have been here and lost my way in the depths of that darkness. Too many times I have had to claw my way back into the light. No, I do not want to be here, even with Him beside me. But, I will obey.

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