Sunday, April 09, 2006

Chapter 19: Expecting honesty and approval, pt 3

I still sting from His rebuke, now this that seems to stand against everything my Papa has been telling me. Unrestrained now, I honestly share my pain and difficulties with Him and am surprised by His reply.

“My yoke is easy and my burden is light. This is not the way I desire it to be. I do not want you so grieved in my work.”

His words hang heavily in the air for a long time. I had thought that the person I had been hurt by could do whatever he pleased because of his position, his anointing, that he and his feelings were infinitely more important than me. ”And the last are first.” He reminds me. “I do not ignore the cries of any of my children. I have used this to help you grow, but your pain is not my perfect design. In this season, focus your eyes on Me and do not watch was is going on around you. I will carry you through to the other side.”

“How, I do not understand.” I shake my head, whispering.

“Come, climb with me.” We are at the tree and He beckons me to climb high into its branches with Him. Anxiously, I climb behind Him, carefully watching where He goes that I might go there myself. I dislike high places and am afraid to see the place, high in the branches, He has chosen to rest. “Come, sit close and lean into Me.” He directs.

Carefully, I edge toward towards Him, finally stopping just beside Him, my back to His chest as we straddle the high branch.

“Lean into Me and close your eyes.”

I obey and fall into the power of His around me, of His chest and shoulders behind me. The incredible strength of Him calms me; as I close my eyes, the fear subsides.

“Focus on My voice now. Are you still afraid?”

“No,” I whisper, not wanting to disrupt the newfound calm that covers me.

“Why not?”

I pause to think for a moment. “Because I can hear your voice, feel your strength. I know you will not let me fall even as you cannot fall yourself.” I feel completely safe in His arms.

“Now open your eyes.” He directs.

We are on the ground once again and I did not even know what He was doing. Al I knew was the safety of His arms.

“This is what I want you to do. Close your eyes, lean on me, and listen to my voice alone. Trust Me, you need trust, nothing, no one else.”

“Yes, Papa.” What else can I say? Now I better understand what He wants me to do.

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