Monday, June 19, 2006

Chapter 28: Voices,pt 1

The silence only last a few moments as we sit together. “Tell me how to do this. I do not know how to submit.”

“Yes you do.” He shakes His head disagreeing with me. “You already submit to the wrong voices. You fight the correct one, but take in, unconditionally, the wrong ones.”

He has rebuked me again, very gently this time. It hurts though as He is right. “Please change this. Do whatever it takes so that my heart can hear and recognize the right voices.” I whisper, biting my lip in fear of what I am asking.

Without explanation, He takes my hands, presses His thumbs into my palms, then presses my hands to His heart. Suddenly, without warning, He releases my hands and sharply boxes my ears! I jump back in shock and surprise at the explosive pain in my ears. I cannot hear! Before I can react further, He grabs my face tightly and presses it close to His, so close I can feel the roughness of His beard on my cheek.

“Now, listen to My voice. The others have been drowned out. You can hear them if you try, but now choose to focus on My voice.” I can hear His firm whisper in my ear.

My ears are still ringing with pain, tears streaming down my cheeks as I now, whispering, “Yes Papa.” My face is still locked in His powerful hands.

“Child, listen to My words. You are loved. You are valued. You are respected. You are destined.” Under the sound of His voice, I hear the soft chimes of His grace, but nothing else.

He continues to hold my face as my hearing slowly returns. I realize though that there seems to be a bandwidth missing. The other voices have quieted.

“I want to hear Your voice.” I murmur.

He kisses my cheek. “And I want to speak!” Abruptly He stands, pulling me to my feet. “Hang on to my neck!”

Without thinking, I obey. He spins me about, allowing me to soar once more in His arms. Joy floods in, threatening to overwhelm me.

“Remember,” His voice is soft in my ear as He sets me down once more, “My yoke is easy and My burden light. Teach my people this. Let Me be in control though. Know that this is where and how I want to speak to you, in your ear, softly, with My grace drowning out all the other voices in the background.”

“Yes Papa.” I press my head to His chest. He holds me close to His heart, pleased I think.

I sense what He has said, particularly about teaching His people is important. It is strange to think I could be dong something important. I think on others who are important, seven or eight names immediately come to mind. I am not though. But what He has just said sounds like what He has asked me to do is important.

“It is,” He assures me.

I do not understand how this can be when everything looks like I am not significant. I only assist, support and substitute for those who are important.

“Under authority does not mean lesser. Remember the lesson of the eye and the hand. They are different; one is not greater than the other. Both are valued and important.” He pauses for a moment, then goes on. “The changes in you have been rapid because of your willingness to receive and even ask for My rebuke and correction. You do not understand How important that is to Me.” Gently, He strokes my hair. “I know it is hard; it pleases Me that you obey.”

I really do not understand, it does not feel like things around me have changed. But I will not deny what He has said. A quiet joy wells within me, knowing I have His approval, a satisfaction and contentment I have never known before.

He guides me to sit down with Him once again. I find that I am finally able to rest in His presence again. The distance between us has finally been bridged.

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