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Chapter 24: Worship, pt 4

For a moment it is silent but for the sound of the water. In the stillness I hear the soft chimes of my earrings moving in time with y breath. Though soft, the song of grace echoes off the rock walls, seeming to grow louder as it does. The rocks are crying out to Him of His grace! The song is so beautiful, I have to listen.

As I do, I feel Him reach to take my face in both His hands. He bends to kiss me, this time though, He kisses my lips. It is not the kiss of a lover though. It is the lingering kiss of a King declaring to His court, this is His beloved, the one who belongs to Him.

I am transfixed in this moment, not moving or breathing for a long time.

Finally, He says, “This is a place of intimate connection. As you declare who I am in worship, you allow me into your heart to become what you have declared Me to be. In this place you allow Me to become resident, to take the throne of your heart.”

He lifts His hand into my sight. “Give Me your hand.”

I place my hand on His. I am struck at how tiny—like and infant’s—mine is in His and by the strength and might of His hand.

“Why do you so willingly place your hand in mine knowing in My strength I could hurt you?” He asks, his voice echoing off the walls.

“Because I trust you, Papa.”

“This is a place of trust. When you open your heart to pour out worship you are walking in trust and openness to me. Come unto me, and I will give you rest.”

I see that verse now in a new light, the command and the promises He gives and how worship plays its part in that.

“ Do You want me to teach this, Papa?” I ask softly.

“In time. For now treasure it in your own heart. Ponder it, study it. Let the seed grow that in time the fruit will be ready in its season.”

“Yes, Papa.” How many seeds like this have recently been sown? I silently wonder.

“Many.” He replies to my unspoken question, “And the harvest will come soon as well. The ground here is good and the harvest needful. Expect abundance and surprise.” He pauses for a moment. “In this new season of harvest, My promise to you is that My yoke will be easy and My burden light. I am changing and equipping you to do what I have brought you into this season to do. Do not be intimidated or overwhelmed by anything that happens, for I am ordering it. Just walk through the doors that I open and know that I have opened them for you.”

“Yes, Papa,” I whisper, what else can I say?

“That you love Me.” He replies, thee is a smile in His voice.

“I love You, Papa!” I cry out, my heart ready to declare this over and over again I catch His hand in an embrace and He draws me in to fully embrace me. This time though, for this first time, I think, I embrace Him back. I am a little afraid to do so, but He immediately responds with a more powerful embrace, tucking my head under His chin. I know I have pleased Him. “I love you, Papa, I whisper again, my voice echoing off the walls. “I love You.”

“Rest in Me, now,” He directs, pressing my head to His chest. I obey, easily falling asleep cradled in His arms.

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