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Chapter 24: Worship, pt 2

I feel a rush of cool air in the darkness. I breathe deeply, drinking in the refreshing coolness. I think I hear the sound of running water too.

He stands to His feet and helps me to mine. There is a flicker of light. He is lighting a lantern!

“Look around you child.” He declares, holding up the light.

We are in a cave, water running down one wall into a small creek flowing down the center of the chamber. The light reflects off the dripping walls, glistening.

Careful not to touch the formations, I walk about, amazed and the incredible and rare formations I see.

“Papa, what is this place! I whisper, awed by what I see in the glow of the lantern.

“This is the secret place. The place deep within yourself that you have longed to ifnd, fearing what you would see. Now, look—“ He gestures outward. “The river here is flowing to the surface, filled with life. This place is carved by the life flowing through here.”

I see crystalline formations of the rarest forms.

“Look here.” He points out to me a rose shaped crystal that looks like a massive gypsum rose, but is made out of pink crystal. I have never see something like this before.

“No one has.” He replies to my thoughts. “It only exists here in your heart.

“You have long wondered what is inside you. There are treasures here that no man shall ever see, put here for My pleasure alone. No one else will come here with you or will discover what I have placed here. This is a place of wonder, of worship. It is the place you come to when you are lost in worship, in My presence.

“you have the heart of a worshipper, not to lead it, but to enter into it, to come into this secret place with me an to worship without distraction.”

I do not understand, at least my mind does not, but I think that maybe my heart does! “I know this place, Papa—the feel of it I know. I love to be in this place with you, dancing before you, bowing at your feet.”

“The time spent here is precious to Me, especially those times when you have pushed through circumstances to get here.” He explains.

“And it is You who takes me here!.” I blurt out my sudden new understanding.

“Yes, however, you come, you follow willingly, closely. It is easy to become distracted and not get to this place. Rest here in this place of worship for a while.” He sits beside the quietly flowing water.

I sit down with Him, singing softly to Him.

After a few minutes though, I find I must ask, “Why was my flesh so reluctant to come here?”

“Because the narrow path here becomes blocked easily with the issues of the flesh. Those temptations that have been calling to you and that you have refused would have blocked the path here. We would have been unable to come here without first cleaning it all up. To come here means you must subdue your flesh, your flesh knows this and rebels.” He explains.

I nod, understanding, I think. I rest now, sleeping peacefully in this place.

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